Equal access to early childhood education and care? Eight country case studies on providing quality early education and childcare for disadvantaged families (contributor).
London School of Economics, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (Ludovica Gambaro, Kitty Stewart, Jane Waldfogel).  
Funding: Nuffield Foundation

Fort- und Weiterbildung im europäischen Vergleich. Sechs-Länder-Studie im Auftrag des Deutschen Jugendinstituts im Rahmen der Weiterbildungsinitiative Frühpädagogische Fachkräfte (WiFF) (lead researcher).
Funding: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research  (BMBF) and ESF

Systems of early childhood education and care and professionalisation in Europe. 27-country study in the European Union countries  am Staatsinstitut für Frühpädagogik (lead researcher, with Dr. Inge Schreyer (IFP) and Dr. Michelle J. Neuman, Washington DC).
Funding: German Federal Ministry of Family and Youth Affairs (BMFSFJ)

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